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Subject: SUBJ1
From: BillieNum
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Date: 23 Feb 2017
Time: 04:57:18 -0500


Adverbs may alter verbs, adjectives as well as adverbs. By setting them as close that you can for the term they modify in a phrase, use adverbs properly. Correct Use Adverbs modify verbs and adjectives to higher relay data towards the audience. In the phrase, for example, "Betty was exceedingly talkative," the adverb -- exceptionally -- modifies the adjective, talkative. In the phrase, " Russell tapped his palms," the adverb -- nervously -- helps the audience know how Russell tapped. Adverbs can also alter adverbs that are other , for example: "He hustled quite quickly through the airport terminal." Here, the first adverb -- rapidly -- is bolstered by the supplement of the previous second adverb, very.

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From: Evelynrew
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Date: 07 Apr 2019
Time: 21:49:09 -0400


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